Improve Your Shot | Improve Your Confidence

This advanced firearms course is designed for the new permit holder and/or the first-time handgun buyer. We strongly believe in the content of our pistol permit course, but, eight hours of combined classroom and some range time only gets you the very basics. This course is designed to give you more time to handle and learn about handguns. It gives you more access to our trained professional instructors to be able to ask them the questions that you have. 

 Building off the information you were taught in your pistol permit class we will give you access to more firearms that you can handle, breakdown and learn to clean.

 Not sure what handgun to purchase? This is your opportunity to identify exactly what you should buy. We will work directly with you and suggest what we feel the best handgun is for your needs. Whether you want to use it just for target practice, carry it for self-protection or keep it at home safe and secure, we will point you in the right direction.

Some Topics We Will Cover:

  1. Review of Firearms Safety Rules
  2. Quick Review/Nomenclature of the Semi-Automatic Pistol:
  3. Quick Review/Nomenclature of the Revolver: (if any in class)
  4. Review of Trigger Systems:
  5. The Five Sizes of Semi-Automatic Pistols And What Each Size Is Best For
  6. Fit of Firearm to the Shooters Hand:
    1. Full Size versus Micro Compact Firearms
    2. Recoil Management
  7. Concealed Vs. Open Carry
    1. Types Of Holsters And Safe Practices To Carry
    2. Support Equipment – Magazines, Belts, etc..
    3. Loading and Unloading of Firearm - Performing a Visual and Physical inspection and more
  8. Review Shooting Fundamentals
    1. Stance
    2. Grip
    3. Sight alignment
    4. S ight picture
    5. Trigger Control
    6. Breathing
    7. Follow Through