About the Assessment

If there was a sudden tornado, could you quickly notify your field staff to get to cover? If there was an instance of workplace violence, does your staff know what to do? If there was a threat of workplace violence, do you know what to do? Prepare to Act will work with your company and find where your blinders are. We want to assure that you have the necessary plans in place should something bad happen.

Our Process

We will work closely with one point of contact in your business and ask a series of questions to get an idea of where your specific risks are. This interview often takes 2-3 hours. Following the interview, we will do a tour of your facilities and operations. If you have multiple locations, we like to see as many as possible. The more information we have, the more thorough our assessment will be. 

We then go back to our team and put together a comprehensive assessment of your organization. You will receive a PDF report that gives specific action items you can take to make your business safer and more prepared. Following the assessment, we can provide additional training to your company leaders and staff so that they are prepared. 

Risk Assessment prices vary depending on the size and scale of your organization. We will work together to create a proposal that works for your company. Assessments range in cost from $799 to $5,000.


More Information

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