Business Safety Consulting


Prepare To Act has over forty years of law enforcement experience and has been in business working to make our communities a better place since 2012. Our Security Consulting Program will help you design and attain a wide range of preventive and reactive security goals.

We work with any size company: small businesses, sole proprietorships, educational facilities or global enterprises. We help our clients assess risk, identify vulnerabilities, design, develop and institute cost effective, state of the art security measures and be prepared for what could happen.

  • Corporate And Small Business General Security Awareness

  • On-Site Security Officer Duties & Responsibilities Training

  • Employees Role And Expectations In Security

  • Workplace Violence Training

  • De-Escalation And Managing Angry Customers Or Employees

  • Personal Safety Training

  • Travel Security Plans

  • Emergency Preparedness Planning

  • Identifying Vulnerabilities And Safety Weaknesses

We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to protect yourself, your company, your staff and your customers from criminal and terrorism activity. We specialize in customizing action plans for start-ups to launching safety plans in companies that have existed for years.

Let us review and enhance your current safety plan. Prepare To Act has a professionally trained team of security consultants who can conduct audits, risk and threat assessments, crisis management training and hazard analysis. Our goal is to develop the best solutions for your company and that your staff can quickly respond to any situation. We understand security operations and procedures and the essential processes for developing appropriate programs and systems to meet those needs.  Security risks are at an all-time high. Maintaining the security of your business is becoming more difficult with each day that passes. 

Contact Prepare To Act for a free confidential discussion of your requirements for security and safety consulting including:

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Corporate Security

  • Industrial Security

  • School Security

  • Campus Security

  • Travel Security

  • Security Seminars

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