Emergency Readiness Training

Sometimes, surprises happen. We developed and Emergency Readiness Training that is designed to get your staff thinking and talking about these emergencies. If the fire alarm goes off, what is the plan? If a tornado is going to touch down in 15 minutes, who is going to call your field staff and get them to safety? If your receptionist receives a threatening phone call, what happens? You don't want the first time that you think about an emergency to be while that emergency is happening. Proactively Prepare Your Business with one of our Emergency Readiness Programs. 

The Prepare to Act Team will facilitate these workshops onsite at your business, at one of our classroom locations around Connecticut, or offsite at the location of your choice. We can provide projector and screen if needed. 

Course Offerings

45-Minute Emergency Readiness Workshop

What keeps you up at night?   Once you answer that question we can begin building your program. Pick from any of the topics below or let us know the specific information you want presented. This is at least a 1 hour interactive presentation that will heighten your staff’s awareness of their surroundings, demonstrate the importance of planning and build their confidence on how to react if an emergency arises.

Some Topics We Cover:

- Situiational Awareness

- Calling 911 And What To Do While You Wait For Emergency Personnel Arrival And What To   

   Expect When They Get On Scene.

-De-Escalation And Verbal Conflict Resolution

-Dealing With Difficult People/Customers

-Workplace Violence

-Target Hardening And Preparing For An Emergency Situations

All programs are build to fit you the customers needs and are based around business and corporate safety. We take you and your staff from recognizing an emergency situation, reacting to it appropriately, surviving it and mentally recovering when it’s all over.

The Prepare to Act Team will facilitate this workshop onsite at your business or offsite at the location of your choice. This is perfect for a Lunch & Learn Event.

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Full Day Emergency Readiness Training Program

This 6-hour Emergency Readiness Training Program will inspire your staff to think through possible emergency scenarios by receiving the training necessary to practice mock drills and work together to build or enhance an Emergency Action Plan. It is our goal in this training to create a safe mindset and build confidence. 

We will spend the morning in a classroom setting, going through a combination of lecture, discussion and group activities. We will cover threat recognition, reactions, emergency notifications and de-escalation. After a break for lunch, we will spend the afternoon going through a number of Mock Drills. We will stage scenarios and teach your staff what to do in these scenarios. They will learn presence of mind, smart and quick decision making, and will develop strategies for emergencies. We will conclude the day with a debrief and each employee will leave with a written set of lessons learned and action steps. 

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