Prepare Your Business and Your Staff

You don't want the first time that you think about an emergency to be while that emergency is happening. Proactively prepare your business and your team to handle anything that they may encounter in the workplace. Each course is 1 hour long and costs $500. You can purchase only one program, or any of the classes can be mixed and matched to create a half day course (3-hours, $1,250) or full day (6-hours, $2,500).

The training sessions offered are:

  • De-Escalation and Verbal Conflict Resolution

  • Situational Awareness

  • Workplace Violence

  • Active Shooter

  • Facility Safety Management

The Prepare to Act Team will facilitate these workshops onsite at your business, at one of our classroom locations around Connecticut, or offsite at the location of your choice. We can provide projector and screen if needed. 

Course Offerings

De-escalation and Verbal Conflict resolution

            On a daily basis we face unexpected situations introduced to our normally routine lives, by difficult, angry or frustrating people.  From those in line in front of us at the grocery store to the co-worker or customer that’s just simply impossible.  This training is designed to give you and your staff the ability to process, change and handle those situations.  It teaches you to re-direct behavior, methods to create distance and become safer and understand the struggles that person may be facing.

Topic Summary

  • Understanding Difficult People

  • De-Escalation Tactics And Methods

  • Mastering The Skill Of Re-Directing Behavior

  • Understanding The Power Of Communication

  • The Art Of Listening And The Importance Of Body Language

  • Open Discussion, Question And Answers

situational awareness

            Imagine being able to identify a bad situation before it happens. Now, take that one step further and pretend you already have the skills, mindset and ability to handle it as it happens. Our Situational Awareness program gives you the skills to do just that. More often then not when we are faced with any type of an emergency situation it is fear that grips us. From being confronted by an angry customer or client, witnessing a bad car accident or even having a loved one experience a medical issue, are you confident you can handle that?  Our Situational Awareness Program gives you all the skills you need to handle what life throws at you.

Topic Summary

  • Identifying A Bad Situation And Reacting To It At The Correct Level

  • Understanding Your Own Limitations And Capabilities

  • The Power Of A Present Mind And Summonsing The Help You Need

  • Action To Reaction And The Vital Role It Plays

  • Confidence Becomes Your Courage

  • Open Discussion, Question And Answers

workplace violence

            It’s a simple fact, we all have problems in our lives from time to time. For most of us they can be handled, diffused and dealt with before the bubble over. But, on occasion, that’s not the case and frequently across the country these issues can bring themselves to work. From worker on worker to domestic violence the explosive potential is real and the question begs, what have we done to help prevent it? This program introduces understanding and avenues of real solutions and prevention plans to put in place to make the working environment safer.

Topic Summary

  • Implementation Of Early Warning Procedures

    • Zero Tolerance Policy

    • Confidential Reporting

    • Encouraging Close Relationships Between Managers And Staff

  • Knowing Your Limitations And The Expectations Of Your Staff

  • Secure Facility Procedures And Background Check Options

  • Awareness Training

  • Open Discussion, Question And Answers

Active shooter

This day and age Active Shooters as we all know is a very real and relevant threat to companies, public places and soft targets around the world. As with all Prepare To Act trainings this one is delivered with the focus of safety and in a non-intimidating, non-threatening method.  We understand the slippery slope that this topic brings to the forefront of minds and will work closely with your management team to build the program that is right for you.

Topic Summary

  • Calling 9-1-1 And What To Expect

  • Understanding Law Enforcements Response And What To Expect Upon Their Arrival

  • Run, Hide Fight – What’s Right For You

  • Recovery And Just How Important That Is

  • Open Discussion, Questions And Answers

Facility safety management

            The Secret Service protects the White House on a basic three tier schedule, how safe is it from the roadside, from on property from inside the property.  This is the approach we at Prepare To Act take to protect your facility. We go a step further and discuss the importance of understanding your staff and the threats they may or may not bring to the equation.

Topic Summary

  • Understanding The Criminal Element

  • The 7 Prevention Principles

  1. Territorial Reinforcement

  2. Surveillance

  3. Access Control

  4. Maintenance

  5. Activity Support

  6. Target Hardening

  7. Awareness Training

  • Facility Risk Mitigation And Safety Analysis Overview

  • Open Discussion, Questions And Answers

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