Avoid The Purse Snatcher!


What you carry in your purse is replaceable, at least it should be.  Ask yourself this question, what do you have in your purse that is worth getting seriously hurt, beaten or even killed over? There are many things that we love very much that a risk like that is worth it, I can imagine your designer purse, credit cards your cash is meets that criteria.

The most important thing is to stay alert wherever you are- not paranoid, just alert!

Encounters can be avoided by simply being aware of what is going on around you.  This may take a little practice, but it can become second nature and it can keep you from becoming a victim.

Be Aware Not Paranoid:

·         Look for avenues of escape.

·         Practice seeing people as criminals.

·         Be mindful of who might approach you on foot or who may drive slowly by you as you

are walking.

       Pay attention to pedestrian traffic behind you.

o   Use the reflection in glass windows as you walk past them.

·         Learn to walk with your head held high, shoulders back and with a steady purposeful


·         Be determined and resolute.  Criminals will shy away from you. They will go to the man

or woman who appears weak or preoccupied.

·         When walking beside a roadway, walk against the traffic.

o   This makes it more difficult for the criminal to follow you by car.

Carrying A Purse:

·         If you are carrying a purse or shoulder bag, place the strap across your body instead of over your shoulder.  Not only does this keep your purse in front of you, making you less of a target, but, it makes it way more difficult for some to grab.

o   Plan ahead when at the grocery store or shopping.  Lock your purse inside your car’s trunk and carry a smaller clutch or handbag with just the items you need for that specific store or event.

·         Do not leave your purse unattended on a store counter or in a shopping cart.

o   Use a zippered purse that is more difficult to open.

o   If your purse has a flap for an opening, try to keep the flap side against your body.

·         Keep your house keys in a coat or jacket pocket, separate from your purse.

o   A thief will now have access to your house or your car seeing that he/she now has all of

your identifying information.

·         When using public transportation, leave your purse in your lap or between your feet

rather than on the seat beside you.

·         If someone steals your purse, yell, “He stole my purse!”


Be A Good Witness:

·         Make a mental note of what the thief looked like, including height, weight, facial hair, race, clothing, tattoos or any other descriptor that stands out.  Remember that the smallest clue or piece of information could break the case.

·         If you see the thief get into a vehicle, note the vehicle’s license plate.

o   If you can’t make out the entire plate, get what you can even if it is just the color of the


o   Law Enforcement, with other characteristics, can often identify a vehicle with only three

letters or three numbers from the license plate.

·         Note the make, model and color of the car.

o     Was it two or four doors?

o     Was there a getaway driver or was the thief the driver?

o     Was there a passenger?

·         Did anything stand out from the vehicle?

·         What was the direction of travel? Which way did the car turn?


Plan Ahead:

·         Maintain a list of all your credit card numbers, checking account numbers, driver’s license number and any other important information with the appropriate contact numbers in case they are stolen.  Keep this list separate from your purse, clutch or handbag.  Most times, thieves will rummage your purse, taking the credit cards and cash and discard the purse out the window.  They will then go to the nearest store and purchase the most items possible before you have the opportunity to close the cards.


Bad people want your stuff and they want it anyway they can get it. They look for vulnerabilities and opportunity.  Don’t give it to them.


Stay Safe. Stay Aware. Stay Present.

Plan. Prepare. Prevail.

Chris Marciano