Being Nice Is A Curse


  We have been taught since a young age, as children, by our mothers and fathers, to be nice to people. It’s a fantastic quality to have, but, it also can work against us, in many ways. I have two young boys and yes of course, I teach them to be nice and respectful to people, but, as they get older I will teach them to treat people they way that they are treated. You see as a society made up of mostly “nice people,” we nice people can’t process the concept of the mind of a “mean person.” Our entire lives go against this principle. But, what about those children that weren’t as lucky as we are to have a strong foundation, a parent or mentor of strong mental fortitude and positive self-esteem.  What about the children that are raised by alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and mentally unstable? Who teaches them to be nice to people? Who teaches them a positive work ethic, structure and a positive self-outlook?

  There are so many great organizations out there that strive to become role models for our children that have slipped through the cracks of a positive society. Not only do we support that, we believe in it and strive to become one ourselves. But that’s not what my point is here, the point, with just a little background on the topic, is that not everyone is like you and I.  Not everyone has been taught the principle or concept of saying please and thank you, excuse me, or here, let me help you with that. People get so wrapped up in their own lives, their own routine’s, their own principles, that they want to believe that the entire world lives that way. The idea of bad people scares them, as it should, but it scares them into non-belief. That can’t happen to me, I’ll never be confronted with a life-threatening incident, so what do they do? Picture in your mind, right now, the ostrich with it’s head in the sand. There’s your answer.


1.       You Need To Be An Aggressive Person To Train To Protect Yourself! This is simply not the case with Prepare To Act, Our programs are designed as if we will be training my own mother, who I’m pretty confident has never been in a fight in her life. The only real physical aggression I’ve ever seen from her is when I was spanked for writing my name in permanent marker up and down the hallway walls. In my defense, I had just learned how to write my name and I was very proud of myself.  Prepare To Act train’s mindset and perspective, with real life tips, tricks and time tested actions that can easily help you in any emergency situation.

2.       Intimidation:  Some of us are simply just too intimidated by the idea of what certain training companies have to offer or worse say.  The perception may be that safety training companies are in your face, type A personalities that profess firearms as the only answer coupled with punches to the throat and unreasonable expectations of the student. We always understood this s as a concern and when I started developing the concept of Prepare To Act, the entire thought process was the opposite. The staff at Prepare To Act is a hybrid, a combination of strong, confident mind set, not cocky or arrogant in any way and coupled with empathetic, understanding and compassion driven ethics.  Type A/B is what we like to call it, a combination of the best parts of both “types.”

3.       Firearms, Firearms, Firearms. Yes its true, the majority of the staff at Prepare To Act not only believes in firearms, but possess several of them. Yes, most of us have been law enforcement or military trained. But, our training is geared to reach everyone and is not solely focused on “the only way to protect yourself is with a gun.” Here’s the concept, criminal’s are lazy, at least the common everyday criminal.  Don’t get me wrong there are very mean, bad people out there that will do terrible things to people.  We all need to wrap our head’s around this. It’s possible that you will be a victim of a crime, it could be a stolen cellphone or personal belonging, it could be a burglary into your home, it could be a sexual assault, kidnapping or hostage situation.  Not being dramatic here, just realistic. Presence of mind plays a huge role on how you survive, not only in emergency situations, but in life itself. That is the basis and one cement block in the foundation of the building we are erecting here. Anyone can take our classes, anyone can succeed, anyone can embrace your social responsibility to be prepared, anyone can become stronger and more confident.

Aggressive, Type A Personalities that will shove our training principles and unrealistic goals onto our students. That is not who we are, Prepare To Act is a company that trains with empathy, understanding and confidence from real life experiences.  Prepare To Act was founded on the principle of empathy.  Founded on the concept of anyone can be taught to protect themselves in one way or another.  We are a company that pulls your head from the sand, cleans you off and sets you on the right path of protection that is right for you, your family and what you love the most. That battle that we face is the concept of over aggressive, type A trainer’s that have come before us. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a place for that type training and there are definitely people that appreciate and are motivated by that.  We respect that and we support, it’s just not us. We are for the rest of society, maybe you’ve been in a fight in your life, maybe you haven’t.  The bottom line is simple, the face of crime changes constantly.  We as a world society should no longer be focused on “why” did that violence happen, but “when” will it happen again and “how” will I (you) protect myself, my family and the property I’ve worked so hard for.

Not sure what we are striving for here? Well I have an assignment for you.  Take a moment right now and think of some activity that you would like to experience, but, it scares you a little bit.  This does not have to be jumping from an airplane, wrestling an alligator, in fact I’m recommending something much less exhilarating.  Maybe you are a dependent person and need people around you all the time, then go to the movies alone. Maybe you like to golf but think you are not good enough to do, go golfing. Maybe you’ve always wanted to sing karaoke, but never had the courage to do it, unlock that courage and go sing your heart out.

Why is this important? Because once you do it, you realize, you can do it. And once you realize that, you can quickly understand that you can do and become anything. I tell my five-year-old, you can do and become anything you want. If someone has done it before you, you can do it better. Step out of your box my friends, build some confidence in yourself, accept that the world is a dangerous place for all of us, then live your life with passion!

Chris MarcianoComment