Law Enforcement And Starbucks

 Starbucks and my career as a law enforcement officer go hand in hand, both are present daily.  My friends and family have joined in being sure I know they support myself and fellow law enforcement officers and that means something to me.  They like most feel that the way those officers were treated was unfair.  I don’t know those officers, nor do I speak for them. I do however speak for the family that law enforcement is in saying that when the radio calls us, we will go.  We don’t care where we are going, who we’re helping, what you stand for or if you fear our presence.  We will still help you, that is our oath.

  Law enforcement is not just our job, the idea of helping people is innate in us.  It speaks to our core.  My father taught me a lot, one specific thing was that we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Yes there are people that wear the uniform that don’t do their jobs correctly.  They are not the Police Officer’s I’m speaking of in this post. The Police Officer’s I am speaking about are those that bleed blue and understand the meaning of commitment, sacrifice, and the bond that is Law Enforcement.

If there is one group of people in the world that can see the big picture of individual opinion, it’s law enforcement officers. The uproar behind this specific incident speaks to a society that piles on and grouping a side, opinion or incident, into one large one. In our society we feel the need to make groups.  One person kills dozens of people with a firearm – all gun owners are bad. One Police Officer act’s illegally or has a bad split second decision, all police are bad.  One manager at Starbucks, thinking they were doing the right thing made a judgment call – now Starbucks sucks.  

Individual acts are done by individual people and at that point, their best decision making got them there.  Who are we to put the world into groups?

 We love our families the way that you do.

We eat and sleep the same way that you do.

We take vacations the same way you do.

We have personal struggles and daily personal frustrations just like you do.

In the end, we are human, just like you are.

 This morning, my pants went on one leg at a time.  I kissed my wife and children goodbye as they slept.  I pet my dog and let her outside. I drove to work with the top down on my jeep. I dressed in the same uniform wrapped around my bullet proof vest that I have for the last 22 years.  I assigned patrol areas to my guys.  I loaded my rifle into my trunk.  And I went to work.

After I drove to Starbucks and got my coffee from the people that treat me kindly every time I go in.

Today I will do my job the way I always have, with the drive to be there when someone, anyone, needs me.

Chris Marciano