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Why We Broke Away From The NRA

  Our goal has always been to create a learning environment that is welcoming, clean, professional and not intimidating, at all. In 2016 my staff and I wrote our own lesson plan, creating an original pistol permit program that only Prepare To Act offers. Following state guidelines, we wrote the program and submitted it to the Connecticut State Police Special Licensing and Firearms Unit. Once they received all the required information, that reviewed, vetted and approved our curriculum.  We’ve taught nothing since.

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What Will Disqualify You From The Pistol Permit Process?

We often get phone calls and questions as to why or what kind of criminal history could disqualify an applicant from having a pistol permit issued to them.  With the increasing level of conversation and disagreement across the country in regard to the great firearm debate, you can’t help but to expect things to get more difficult in regard to the process as we move forward.  As of now, the following information is the list of disqualifiers as the State of Connecticut is concerned.

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Is Connecticut An Open Carry State?

Yes, Connecticut is a licensed open carry state, if you legally possess that firearm.  We’ve discussed in several of our other blogs what makes you able to legally possess a firearm in Connecticut.  

If you are a valid Connecticut Pistol Permit holder, you are allowed to carry pistols or revolvers, you are allowed to open carry your firearm.  This means that allow places that do not restrict the carrying of firearms, you can safely secure your weapon in any manner that exposes it to the public.

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