There are so many home alarms system to choose from, we started with SimpliSafe - Product Overview Is Here.

There are so many home alarms system to choose from, we started with SimpliSafe - Product Overview Is Here.


  In this day and age, the selection and choices for home alarms systems are limitless, from hardwired professional installment and monitoring to DIY wireless systems.  As we move along, we will continue to post up alarm systems and products that we come across. We thought Simplisafe was a good place to start.  

 Service And Cost Overview

  •  Very good, budget smart system.

  • Packages start around $259.00.

  • 24/7 live monitoring for $15 per month.

  • $25 a month if you also want to monitor everything from your phone.

  • No contract – No Installation Fees.

  • 60 Day Refund.

  • 3 Year Equipment Warranty

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Simplisafe allows you to pick from a variety of product packages of sensor or design and build your own.  Each package rate goes up with the more products you need (obviously).  You could spend up to $600.00 if you have a large home or business you need to cover.


Sensor Options Include:

  • Motion detector

  • Contact sensors

  • Keypad

  • Leak detectors

  • Freeze sensors

  • Glass break sensors


  • HD Cameras.

  • Completely control your system from your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

  • Arm and disarm your system anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Get notified when your system detects activity.

  • Push and text alert capabilities.

  • Detects fires - Sounds a full alarm to get your family out and calls the fire department automatically.

  • Warns against water damage – sensors and monitors can catch leaks or before our water pipe bursts.

  • Live and recorded monitoring to see what happens during an emergency, capture crucial evidence for the police department, and you have the ability to watch for free anytime.

  • Motion detectors are designed to also detect unique heat so that it knows the difference between our pets and a human.

  • Precision glass break detection that can tell the difference between an intruder smashing a window and a plate breaking.

  • Sensors were designed to be small with “microantennas” but still custom built for long range coverage of your home.

  • SimpliSafe proclaims that they designed “pioneering signal-burst technology” that helps to conserve battery power within your sensors and monitors.

  • They have Sticky pads and detachable backs with no wires so that you can move your keypad wherever it’s convenient. The all new touch-to-wake keypad lights up when you need to see it and goes dark when you don’t.

  • Easy to use base station monitors everything and talks to you with wireless sensors.

  • They offer battery back up and feed free cellular connection with the companies monitoring service, so even if the power goes out it can still call for help.

 Some Cons

  • No smash protection – if the bad guy smashes the home station before the “grace period” meaning when the alarm has not yet been activated, the alarm will not be triggered at all.

  • Their answer to this is to offer a keypad, separate from the home station. 

  • At this time SimpliSafe does not offer home automation, but they are working on that and should soon be able to work with Alexa on verbal commands.

  • They currently offer no outdoor cameras.

  Like most choices in life, decisions normally come down to price, and we feel that this is a reasonably priced system. Check out what we found and do some research on your own before purchasing a system. Please comment below if you’ve had any experience with this product or if you use another system.

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