Risk Assessments for CT Homeowners

Is your house number clearly visible from the street? Is your driveway well lit? Do you have deadbolt locks in your bedrooms? If there was a fire, does your whole family know the emergency procedure? 

With our Home Risk Assessment Service, we will walk through your home and around your property to complete our Risk Checklist. We will leave you with a report of things you can do to make your home safe and Prepared. 

Our Home Risk Services

Home Safety Assessment


Prepare To Act will have one of our trained professional staff members assigned to you and your property.  We begin the process by setting up an initial one on one consultation.  Prior to meeting face to face, a questionnaire will be forwarded to you that will help us understand what your biggest concerns are.  That will be reviewed by your consultant and discussed in detail in the original meeting and prior to the inspection


The Secret Service protects the white house, essentially, in a three-phase process, we’ve modeled our program after that idea. We will inspect and evaluate the safety of your home from three locations – from the street, from in and around the exterior of your property and from within the interior of your home.


At the completion of our Basic inspection you will receive a yes/no check list documenting specifically the strengths and weaknesses we discovered during our inspection.

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Home Risk Photo Summary

Take the next step up and add on our Photo Summary Report. You will receive a full color photo report documenting the good, the bad and the ugly as it resulted from our inspection. Within the report we will explain all vulnerabilities that we found could be remedied and fixed.

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Home Safety Training

Here your Prepare To Act Specialist will sit with you and the other members of your household and discuss and train on the following topics:

  • Discuss Evacuation Plans and “What If” Scenarios

  • Presence Of Mind During Emergency Situations  

  • Develop A Written “Emergency Readiness Plan.”

    You don’t want the first time you think about an emergency to be when that emergency happens. Proactively Prepare your home and your family.

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