School Bus Safe Trip

Safety Training And Security Consulting for Student Transportation Companies


Safe Trip sets the standard in school bus safety.  The program we’ve created is based on basic and fundamental concepts and ideas that teach you and your staff how to react and handle any and all emergency situations. 

The program’s foundation is to teach you and your staff the survival skills needed to protect not only themselves but the children that board their buses.  We teach you how to identify potential problems, address specific threats and emergency situations and react in the most appropriate way.  Although we will teach you how to see bad things unravel, we keep you human, we keep you compassionate, we keep you fun and most importantly, we will keep you safe.

This program meets and exceeds all requirements set forth by the federal government that all school bus transportation companies must be in compliance with by the year 2020. 

As you and your staff make your way through the program sections, lessons and interactive sessions and scenarios, you’ll learn to slowly change the way you think and react. Each chapter builds off the last and is taught in its basic but most effective form. The beauty of this program is that it gives you access to information within every forum.

The program is designed to certify a select number of your employees that show the initiative and passion to help and instruct people.  Those specific employees will be trained by Prepare To Act to be able to teach this course on an on-going basis to all of your employees.

Some Of The Topics Safe-Trip Covers: 

  1. Pre And Post Trip Safety Checks
  2. Company Policies, Procedures And Recommendations
  3. Being Aware Of Your Surroundings – Keeping A Clear And Present Mind
  4. Epi Pen Certification With CPR And First Aid Courses As An Added Option
  5. Identifying Unsafe Student Behavior, Bullying And Threatening Behavior
  6. Anticipating The Problem Parent/Student – And The Appropriate Way To Handle It
  7. The Art Of De-Escalation
  8. Facing And Responding To Emergency Situations
  9. Driving In Inclement Weather
  10. Working With Students With Special needs

Each Safe Trip Program Provides:

  • An assigned safe trip expert from Prepare To Act to help the program go smoothly and answer any and all questions you may have for the duration of our working partnership.  This is the equivalent to a concierge
  • A Train the Trainer program to instruct and certify the employees you decide will teach and be responsible for this program on an on-going basis.
  • A full program matrix, lesson plan, power-point, student and instructor materials and a two-year Safe Trip certification that shows you and all of your employees are in compliance with federal regulations and more.