Prepare to Act is committed to being Connecticut's top safety training resource.


We offer a wide range of safety courses and programs that cover all areas of preparedness and emergency readiness, from first aid to pistol permits and everything in between. The people who enroll in our classes want to build a safe and secure life for their family, coworkers and friends, generation after generation. You can count on us to provide the most up-to-date techniques and course materials that save lives.

Prepare to Act was founded by Chris Marciano, a 20-year police veteran who has always been committed to personal, home, and corporate safety. Marciano has been involved in murder investigations, undercover narcotic work with the DEA, and seized hundreds of thousands of dollars of criminal assets. Yet, he would much rather be recognized as a father of two boys and someone who knows the meaning of humanity and compassion.

Marciano spends his downtime training, building and helping those who are fearful, bullied, or intimated by life. It’s the very reason he built this company and hired professionals in the field who have the same ass-kicking drive and motivation to empower those in need. It’s a core passion shared by all.

He always says, “Evil exists, but we are here to make people stronger physically and mentally. We want them to know how to protect themselves and survive and always win in any situation. We are the ones who have real-life experience and we know what it takes, so other people certainly can too!”

So ask yourself now, “Are you prepared?”